Buying vs Leasing a New Acura

Buying vs. Leasing a New Acura

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Many Naperville drivers aren’t clear on the differences between leasing vs. buying a vehicle. At Advantage Acura of Naperville, we’re always pleased to help, and here our finance team explains leasing vs. buying. Then, we invite you to explore our new inventory of Acura models, apply for credit online, and browse our leasing specials!

The Benefits of Leasing vs. Buying

So, if you’ve ever asked yourself, “Should I lease or buy a car?” you’re in the right place. When Aurora drivers choose leasing vs. buying, they basically rent their vehicle for several years. While they don’t gain equity, they don’t have to realize the depreciation that occurs when purchasing a car. That is why monthly and down payments are lower when leasing vs. buying. You also don’t have to pay sales tax. When your lease is over, your options are to buy it, swap it, or end it and walk away.

The Benefits of Buying vs. Leasing

So, back to the question, “Should I buy or lease a car?” It depends on your needs and finances. When you buy a car for your Oswego lifestyle, you take out a loan on the total value of the vehicle, and that will cost more than the depreciation over a typical lease period, so you’ll have to make a larger down payment, pay sales tax, and make more significant monthly payments. However, you can sell the car at any time, customize it to your liking, drive as many miles as you want without restrictions, and ultimately pay it off and not have a payment anymore. Financing is the most cost-effective strategy, but you must also budget for repairs and maintenance after the warranty expires. When you lease, on the other hand, those costs are covered!

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Now that you’ve read about the differences between leasing vs. buying, if you’re still trying to decide whether you should buy or lease, contact us at Advantage Acura of Naperville. Our finance specialists near Plainfield are happy to help you choose the right vehicle for your needs and the best purchase option. Please browse our new vehicle specials and see how much you can save on your next ride!