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Whether you’ve recently leased a new Acura in the Aurora area, or you’re coming towards the end of your lease, you’re likely wondering what your lease-end options are. In short, your options are the following: return your Acura and lease a new model, purchase your leased Acura, or return your leased Acura. If you’re unsure of which option is best for you, the experts at Advantage Acura of Naperville are here to help! Read this guide as we walk you through your Acura lease-end options. Then, if you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us today or visit our dealership near Oswego to speak with us in person!


A Breakdown of Your Acura Lease-End Options 

If your Acura lease is coming to an end, you have various options available. Here’s a breakdown of your Acura lease-end options: 

Woman returning Acura after lease

Purchase Your Leased Acura

If you’re a fan of the Acura model that you’re currently driving, another one of your options is to purchase your leased Acura. Becoming the owner of your leased Acura is a quick and simple process:

  • Obtain a payoff quote: Log into your account or call our automated system at (866)877-6495.
  • Contact our Lease Maturity Center: Notify us that you’d like to purchase the vehicle 
  • Mail-in the full payoff amount
Lease agreement

Return Your Acura and Lease a New One

Are you eager to get behind the wheel of a new Acura once your current lease ends? We don’t blame you! There are several benefits of leasing another Acura like the Acura Loyalty Advantage which includes:

  • Mileage Forgiveness: If you’ve driven more miles than what was outlined in your lease terms, we’ll waive one-half of your excess mileage (up to 7,500 miles) when you lease or finance through Acura Financial Services. What’s more, if you lease a new Acura with Advantage Acura of Naperville, we’ll add 1,000 more miles to your base mileage amount.
  • Momentum Miles: If you’ve driven fewer miles than your contracted lease miles, your unused miles (up to 15,000 miles) will be rounded to the nearest 1,000 miles and added to your next Acura Luxury Lease. 

When you lease a new Acura, you can also take advantage of our lease specials or any current national offers to get a great deal on your new vehicle!

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Return Your Acura

Looking to return your leased Acura? If so, keep in mind that you will automatically lose your loyalty benefits. Two or three months before making the return, contact our Lease Maturity Center to go over the return process. We also suggest that you schedule an inspection before returning your vehicle if you’ve exceeded the mileage limits or if the vehicle has any wear or tear.  Once you’ve completed these steps, here is how you’ll need to proceed during the remaining lease-end process:

  • Make an appointment to return your vehicle to your Acura dealership one week prior: Keep in mind that if you’re returning your vehicle, it needs to be returned to an Acura dealership.
  • Bring the following material to your appointment: All of the vehicle’s keys, owner’s manual and maintenance record, vehicle return receipt, vehicle inspection report (if applicable), receipts for completed repairs.
  • Contact the Lease Maturity Center to notify us that you’ve returned the vehicle.

Enjoy a Streamlined Leasing Process at Advantage Acura of Naperville

When you’re ready to make upgrades to your Plainfield driving lifestyle, turn to the experts at Advantage Acura of Naperville to help you make that happen. Our intuitive Acura lease-end options are designed so that customers can obtain the driving experiences they desire. If you have any additional questions about how to lease an Acura, return your leased Acura, or purchase it, reach out to us at 630-528-1306 for guidance. We look forward to working with you! 

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